Kaffe Fassett

Years ago I was married to a Brit and living in London. My tea drinking, freelance illustrator neighbor turned me on to Kaffe Fassett. If you are not familiar with him, he is a textile, knitware/needlepoint designer. I fell in love with his designs and colors and immediately started making his tapestry pillow kits. He's recently made a push toward the textile industry but started out dropping out of art school in England to do his own knitting designs. He's an American - born in San Francisco but living in England since the '60's, so he might as well be a Brit. In this age of muted colors (or as the Brits write it: "colours") it's refreshing for me to see such intense color in such quantity. It's so rich you can almost taste it.

If you like Kaffe Fassett, you love this quilt!


Marnie said...

While you were living in London did you ever frequent the needlework shop, Tapisserie? I think it is on Walton Street. A friend told me about it and I ordered two custom projects - a pillow with my daughter's name and a belt for my husband that I designed in my head and they put onto canvas. It was pure joy to work on these projects and to see them in use day after day.

Marie Louise said...

I'm not sure if I frequented that particular shop but tapestry pillows are big over there and a neighbor turned me on to them. At the time I traveled a lot for business and they were the perfect thing to take along on a trip to pass the time. Eventually this friend of mine started designing (she was an illustrator by trade) her own pillows and did some beautiful things. I did check out Sis Boom's site and you are right - her fabrics are right up my alley!

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