Impressionism Still Lives!

Essex Cat Boat from South Cove - morning
As a former art student, I can never get away from first falling in love with the works of Manet, Monet, Degas & Renoir. There is something so magical and transcendent about this style of painting. One of Connecticut's best in this genre is Leif Nilsson. Originally from Old Lyme, CT - a town that could be described as a painting itself, Leif now resides in the other quintessential Connecticut River Valley town of Chester. I don't pretend to begin to have this kind of talent but am certainly inspired by someone making mucho dinero doing something they love. Below are the artist and his studio.


Lydee said...

what a delightful blog! i have enjoyed reading your posts!

Marie Louise said...

Thanks Lydee! I actually had the day off - it was gorgeous here in Connecticut. Spring has sprung! Gotta run and buy my 14 yr. old some new capri pants. That means trying on every pair she can find within a 20 mile radius of course - have a great weekend.

K T Cat said...


Thanks for stopping by the 'Post. I am so glad you did. You have a beautiful and rich blog here. It's wonderful that you are sharing your interests with us. I will definitely be back. The depth and affection with which you post is inspiring.

gaylen said...

marie louise - thanks for stoping by my blog. We had a great time in CT - it's where my youngest daughter lives now as a nanny. We didn't make it to Mohghan Sun although we heard about it. Hubby had fun playing a cash tournament at Foxwood (which is what he wanted to do).

I will stop by your blog often. I wanted to respond via email, but couldn't find an address. We are currently in the process of finding the perfect location to purchase a b&b - that's our soul feeding dream job. Thanks for the reminder :) g

Debra Lane Designs said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is beautiful and I will stop by often.

You asked about my photos...I had to change them to sepia thru my photo software. I use to have a camera that took B&W photos BUT I dropped it on my fornt porch...concrete and cameras don't mix well! :-(

Have a great day!

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