My Holiday House

I love a big Christmas Tree! Although, I have to admit I am cheating in that this is last year's tree. It couldn't be avoided. I wanted to join Julia's Holiday House Tour and lazy me still hasn't gotten my tree up! This was our first Christmas following a new marriage and move into a brand new house. We were thrilled with our cathedral ceilings and left unsupervised, my husband and I, encouraged by our kids, went totally overboard with this 11ft. White Pine. Blue Spruce is normally my favorite but alas, we couldn't find one big enough and this monstrosity won us over. It definitely made for a memorial first Christmas.

I absolutely love Amaryllis, and always have them at the
holidays, although I can never manage to keep
them alive long enough for the following year.

So, shame on me for being so late with my Christmas preparations. Finally, just today, my husband, daughter and I
headed out to Ingalls Tree Farm in Brooklyn, Connecticut,
in search of the perfect Christmas Tree. That's right,
not New York. This Brooklyn is definitely in the sticks!
It was a cold but sunny day here in New England and we were determined to fine the perfect tree. Unfortunately, they were all a bit too wee for me at Ingalls... we headed to nearby Allen Hill Tree Farm also in Brooklyn. Beautiful views and 100 acres of trees. There must be one with our name on it!

Here is the family home that sits atop the hill, where we
found the perfect tree just steps from their back lawn.

Guess who cut it down. I'll give you a hint - it wasn't me!

Mission Accomplished! My favorite - a blue spruce!
"It's never too late to be who you might have been." --George Eliot